Chinese women had to wear bikinis for flight attendants job

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Chinese women had to wear bikinis for flight attendants job

 The flight specialist industry has been blamed for sexism for a considerable length of time. While the business has made extensive changes, some Chinese organizations have slacked marginally decades  behind.

In Qingdao, Northeast China, displaying office Oriental Beauty facilitated a marginally unordinary rivalry throughout the weekend. Enrollment specialists from both the aeronautics business and design industry viewed from the gathering of people as more than 1000 female late secondary school graduates paraded around in moderate garbs and swimming outfits, planning to find work contracts.

According to our source ,More than 1,000 graduates, from Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi and other adjacent areas, went after a chance at these frequently lucrative contracts. Hopefuls were required to be 5'6" tall, unless they were uncommonly wonderful, in which case, the prerequisite could be dropped to 5'5". Appears to be reasonable.

Ladies were further urged to be "rich, thin, have sweet voice and have no scars in the uncovered some portion of their skin.
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